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K-12 Physical Education Program

Focused Area Advisor: Stephanie Govea, 208.732.6251 or

Major Advisor: Shelly Wright, 208.732.6483 or

Transfer: Students completing an Associate of Arts degree in Physical Education K-12 are prepared to transfer to a Bachelor degree program offered at Idaho's four-year colleges.

Degree Types: The program offers an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, which requires a minimum of four semesters.

Program Description: The K-12 Physical Education degree introduces students to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential for success in teaching physical education in the elementary and secondary schools. Students take courses from the CSI general education core as well as specific program requirements in K-12 Physical Education, including a field experience at both the elementary and secondary levels. Students are introduced to courses in human anatomy, teacher education, and physical education. The goals of the program are to help students earn an Associate of Arts degree in K-12 Physical Education and to assist students with transfer to an Idaho public bachelor degree teacher education program. Career opportunities include teaching physical education in K-12 schools.

Careers: The K-12 Physical Education Associate of Arts degree is designed to prepare students to transfer to a Bachelor degree teacher education program in Idaho. Career opportunities include teaching physical education in K-12 schools. Depending on the employment agency and location, starting salaries generally begin at $30,000.

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